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According to recent peer-reviewed studies, scientists now believe that the Okinawan people's unbelievable good health may be directly
related to the fact that they consume more tea, per capita, than ANY other population in the world

The average Okinawan drinks at least 2 cups of tea daily. Interestingly, this isn't just any kind of tea.
This tea is Okinawan Tea.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill green and black teas, the tea blends popular throughout Okinawa are delicious and very rich in powerful,
health-promoting nutrients, including catechins, antioxidants and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Scientists are now discovering these nutrients carry tremendous health benefits, which may help explain the truly remarkable good health
experienced by the people of Okinawa.
The people of Okinawa Japan are known to be the leanest, healthiest
people in the world. This island pearl of the Pacific boasts the highest
percentage of centenarians of anywhere on earth.
Diabetes and heart
disease are virtually nonexistent in Okinawa

What's more,
less than 3% of the Okinawan population is overweight,
compared to 67% of Americans and Australians! And here's what's so
amazing: over 70% of the Okinawan diet is comprised of supposedly
fattening carbs, such as rice and lentils.
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Live to a hundred     Presenter: Bernadette Young
Yes you can live to be a hundred years old ...and be fit and alert while you're at
the same time. The Japanese island of Okinawa has the world's highest
prevalence of centenarians. Dr Bradley Wilcox from the Pacific Health research
Institute has spent ten years studying why people in Okinawa live so long. ... ...
Department of Preventive Medicine, Nagoya University School of Medicine.

To disclose the relationship between tea consumption and lung cancer risk, we analyzed the
data from a case-control study conducted in Okinawa
, Japan from 1988 to 1991. The
analysis, based on 333 cases and 666 age-, sex- and residence-matched controls, provided
the following major findings. (a)
The greater the intake of Okinawa tea (a partially fermented
, the smaller the risk, particularly in women. For females, the odds ratios (and 95%
confidence intervals) for those who consumed 1-4, 5-9, and 10 cups or more of Okinawan tea
every day, relative to non-daily tea drinkers, were 0.77 (0.28-2.13), 0.77 (0.26-2.25) and 0.38
(0.12-1.18), respectively (trend: P = 0.032). The corresponding odds ratios for males were
0.85 (0.45-1.55), 0.85 (0.45-1.56) and 0.57 (0.31-1.06) (trend: P = 0.053). (b) The risk
reduction by Okinawan tea consumption was detected mainly in squamous cell carcinoma.
Daily tea consumption significantly decreased the risk of squamous cell carcinoma in males
and females, the odds ratios being 0.50 (95% confidence interval 0.27-0.93) and 0.08
(0.01-0.68), respectively. These findings suggest a protective effect of tea consumption
against lung cancer in humans.         PMID: 8567392 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  • May Help Slow the Aging Process: In a recent study published in the journal
    Molecular Neurobiology, researchers from the Department of Cosmeceutical Science at Daegu Haany
    University found that this kind of tea carries significant "anti-wrinkle and anticancer effects on the human

  • May Help Strengthen Your Immune System: According to a new 2005 study
    published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, test subjects who consumed this kind of tea
    were found to have a stronger immune system and a significantly lower risk for infections such as the
    common cold.

  • May Help Boost Energy and Mental Well-Being: According to a new study from
    the Division of Public Health at Tokyo Medical University, this kind of tea may induce "a pleasurable mental
    feeling." Numerous other studies shows it boosts brain power.

  • May Help Lowers Blood Pressure and Protects the Heart
    Okinawan tea is rich in tea polyphenols, tea catechins, and EGCG, which are potent antioxidants
    that go to work scavenging for oxidants, or toxins, to neutralize their abilities to damage cells
    within your body. With its exceptionally high concentration of polyphenols, This tea is an
    essential component to your healthy heart diet.

  • May Help Managing High Cholesterol Levels  Catechins, a group of
    antioxidants, have been found in this tea to reduce cholesterol and lighten the blood. Cholesterol
    is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad
    cholesterol, and the tea increases the good while decreasing the bad. This helps prevent
    hardening of the arteries and blockage of blood flow.
"Reuters Health" (New York) suggests
that new research indicates that people
who unwind with a cup of the tea every
day may have a
lower risk of two
common forms of skin cancer
. The the
most powerful EGCG contained in white
tea has been shown to reduce burning
on UV-exposed skin.

  • 100% Natural: Unlike ephedra and other herbal supplements which carry unfavorable side effects (such as the jitters), Okinawan Tea
    has been shown in scientific study after study to be 100% nourishing. Users of Okinawan Tea report increased feelings of calmness, focus
    and well-being.
A 2004 Japanese study conducted by Osaka City University found that this tea
increases plasma adiponectin levels. Low levels of plasma adiponectin are
associated with obesity,
type 2 diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease (CAD).
The study concluded that this tea may have beneficial effects on the progression of
atherosclerosis in patients with CAD.
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One study by the American Diabetes Association, Antihyperglycemic Effect of Okinawan Tea in Type 2 Diabetes", included
10 men and 10 women. All subjects had type 2 diabetes for an average of 4.8 years and were already taking hyperglycemic
drugs as prescribed by their doctor.

Under the review by the ethical committee of Providence University, the subjects consumed the tea (1,500 ml) or water for
30 days, crossing over the consumption of each during the course of the study. The results were positive; The tea markedly
lowered concentrations of plasma glucose and fructosamine, whereas the water control group had not changed."
  • May Help Guard Against Cancer Okinawan tea is the richest in catechin polyphenols. It has profound power against
    cancer-causing cells and against many different types of cancer, such as colon, prostate, and stomach cancers. Flavonoids, a class of
    antioxidants, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent the development of new ones. In some cases, this tea has been found to work
    assistance to prescription drugs, but without the side effects. Properties found in okinawan tea have been found to inhibit the growth of
    esophageal and stomach tumors in mice. Evidence suggests other compounds present in the tea inhibit the development of pre-cancerous
    lesions as well. Over 1,000 studies have supported reduced risk for cancer with tea consumption. A recent study showed that a compound
    called TF-2 found in okinawan tea caused colorectal cancer cells to "commit suicide", leaving normal cells unaffected. Yang CS et al. Tea
    and cancer prevention: Molecular mechanisms and human relevance. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2006. Friedman M et al. Structure-activity
    relationships of tea compounds against human cancer cells. J Agric Food Chem 2007;55:243-53.
A 2007 American study found that the tea
reduces the blood concentrations of
(the most common form of
fat that exists in the body) by a whopping
80% compared to rats on normal diet.

Another 2001 Japanese study found that
reduces cholesterol after 1 month of
regular drinking.
2004 study by Yang found that drinking
this green tea for at least a year
high blood pressure
. Regular drinkers
are 46% less likely to develop high blood
pressure if they drink one-half to two-half
cups a day. They are 65% less likely to
develop high blood pressure if they drink
more than 2 cups a day.

Another 2001 Japanese study found that it
reduces cholesterol after 1 month of
regular drinking.
  • May Assists Fat Burning & Weight Management: In a study published recently in the
    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers discovered that in people drinking this kind of tea every day, fat
    burning (thermogenesis) was increased by upwards of 40%! Individuals in the study lost 2 to 3 times MORE
    weight than those who were not drinking the tea, and lost 157% MORE than those drinking ordinary green tea.

  • May Help Manage Blood Sugar and Diabetes  For people with type 2 diabetes, tea,
    along with a healthy diet could help. Statistics for type 2 diabetes are on the rise, especially in our young.
    Nutritionists, doctors and scientific researchers are focusing their energies on discovering ways a healthier
    diabetes diet, which could include consumption of Okinawan tea, could help to reduce the affects of this disease.
Assists weight management
May help prevent and control type 2 diabetes
Assists in managing high cholesterol levels
Body detoxification
May resves signs of aging, reduces wrinkles
May assists healthy skin and radiant glow
May reduce risk of cancers
Improves immunity and boosts energy
"Okinawa Tea was the answer to
my preyer"
"I've done low carb for 2.5 years. My blood
pressure went up, my asthma returned. I
had migraine headaches. I truly prayed for
some direction - what was I doing wrong? I
read plan after plan, Zone, Atkins, South
Beach, vegetarian, juicing, but none of it fit.
The Okinawa tea was the answer to my
Sally P, USA
"I have seen a difference in my sugar
"I have been using this tea since September and
I have found it to be very beneficial to my health
as I have seen a big difference in my sugar
levels, it has been lower since I have been
drinking the Okinawa Tea. It has been always
above 12, but now it will never go more than 7. I
would strongly recommend this tea to any who is
try to lower their sugar levels."
Angela Sarju, Brisbane
"I've had a total turn around!"
"I have been a diabetic for 30 years now. My doctor
diagnosed me as type 2. I was completely exhausted
all the time and on top of that I had a heart attack as
well. My granddaughter brought me a tin of this tea for
my birthday in October and since then I have had a total
turn around. I know the tea gave my body just what it
needed. It has restored me into the real person that I
used to be 30 or 40 years ago, and my blood sugar
levels are consistently in the safe zone every day now!  
What a birthday present! "
Irene Wilkinson, Prospect South Australia
"This is the tea that I can
drink for life"

"I know that this is the tea that I can
drink for life, for I am able to keep
my caloric intake at a reduced level
while getting an optimum amount
of nutrients and never having to feel
too hungry. An increased energy
level is the wonderful result.

Donna O, California
"My Girlfriend Laughed When I
Ordered Okinawan Tea...
But When I Lost 11 Pounds in Just 6
"I ordered Okinawan Tea 6 weeks ago, and my
girlfriend just laughed at me :-( Since then, I've
lost 11 pounds and am starting to see my abs! I
didn't even know I had any! My girlfriend is so
astonished, she just ordered some!!! Look who
is laughing now :-)
Thank you for this wonderful
"                         Daniel Sanchez, via email
"I would like to live forever:) and be trim
and in shape. I like the taste of Okinawan
tea and it's very soothing to drink"
Oxford England
"I know the Japanese know a lot about
health and beauty and I think tea is so good
fore you, Why not? what have i got to lose
besides weight?! "  
Ruby, Melbourne
"I am not sure if it's only in my head but ever since
drinking Okinawan Tea I don't feel so tired anymore
and even my allergies are getting better. It's weird in
a good way. "
Anita,  North Perth, Australia
"I really like Okinawan Tea because it's tasy and I'm
dropping a few pounds, but I really think it's
because I'm drinking tea all the time and not
eating! I think some other people have said that.
But Oprah and Rachel Ray say that tea is a good
diet aid and those ladies rock!"
  Lea, LA California
"the Okinawan Tea tastes really
good, I am not sure rather or not I
am eventually going to loose some
weight by drinking it but at least i
enjoy drinking it :) "  
Laura G,
"Well we can go back an forth all day about rather
eat helps us loose weight or not, ultimately we
can all agree that it is a good antioxidant and that
it is good for us. There no real secret in loosing
weight. Don't eat crap and exercise. Okinawan
Tea happen to taste delicious too."
"Now this Okinawan tea stuff really works. Not
like that xellex crap. Even though my girl's made
me clean up my eating habits, I still sneak
twinkies now and then and she doesn't know i've
been getting some extra help from the secret
tea. It tastes good too, man!"
"Weight loss,is not really my goal from
drinking the Okinawan tea. I just love it & feel
more alert these days. I found it online fr a
good price, and figure, its worth paying a little
more for tea like this as long as I've given up
my $4 lattes."
Rosie, Manly NSW Australia
"I am happy taking Okinawan Tea I think it
makes me feel energetic and I eat less.
This is a good diet aid for me."
*Results not typical. To achieve your best results, we
recommend using Okinawan Tea with healthy eating,
regular exercise, and a positive "can-do" mindset.
More Than Just a Cup of Tea
Jing Tea Okinawan tea is enhanced with Jiaogulan herb and with the authentic Okinawan diet plan inside!
In the 1970's the Chinese government sponsored a study focused on the large number of
people living to over 100 years old
in certain provinces in Southern China. They discovered
the centenarians had one thing in common. They all drank a tea brewed from a local herb
called Jiaogulan.  Jiaogulan has been used by the people in the mountainous regions of
Southern China as an energizing agent. They would take it as a tea before work to increase
endurance and strength, and after work to relieve fatigue. It has also been taken for general
health and has been recognized as a rejuvenating elixir. People also used it for treating
common colds and other infectious diseases. Hence, the local Chinese people called
jiaogulan, xiancao the “Immortality Herb,” and described it thus: “Like ginseng but better than
ginseng. ” In 1976 a Japanese researcher, discovered Jiaogulan with many qualities similar
to ginseng. This event sparked years of scientific research on Jiaogulan, revealing it to be a
powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant herb with many health-giving properties.
The doctors behind the
Okinawa Diet are
featured in the November
issue of National
Geographic Magazine
The Secrets of Long Life in Okinawa

Okinawan Diet
Okinawan Tea
Metal Welling Being
Jing Tea Health Centre
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